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Dear Brethren:


Welcome to the awakening of more light in our Masonic Fraternity. With great exultation and joy, the newly formed Trademark Board of Trustees, announces:


The Widows Sons, Appendant Body, of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana has purchased full and legal ownership of USPTO Trademark No. 4848846. The Trademark® is the legal image/emblem/patch, a Federal registered Trademark defended in court, worn by members of Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association worldwide.


The Trademark Board of Trustees are Master Masons, in good standing, throughout the country and are members of the Widows Sons.


The Board will focus on restoring our faith and obligation in Freemasonry and leading the Brotherhood toward unity in displaying the legal Trademark® of the Widows Sons. To a reconciliation of past grievances and toward Peace, Harmony, and Fellowship. All members of Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association are encouraged to abide by the legality of the Law and join with us in establishing a true Masonic organization that supports and protects the legal Trademark® of the Widows Sons, the Trademark® that is worn to display a true Mason to the public. The Board of Trustees and our great members of the Widows Sons welcomes those who come in peace and harmony as it is our mission to build relationships based upon what we Will do as good men in an ancient Fraternity of Freemasonry.


The Trademark Board of Trustees will focus on restoring the reputation, destroyed by nefarious members, of Widows Sons Brothers who share a common bond of God, Family and of making our communities a better place to live. Brotherhood is based upon our obligation taken freely and without reservations, as Master Mason, with our hands on the Good Book upon the Altar, whereby, we promised and swore, to God and Brother Masons, to always do the right things in the World. As Masons we are bound by our obligation to obey and adhere to the Laws of Masonry and to the Laws of the Land. We are also obligated to spread Peace and Harmony amongst all Brother Masons, wherever we may disburse. This is the way all True Masons live their lives and support one another.


The Board of Trustees are moving forward with License and Vendor Agreements throughout the World. The Signatories to the License Agreement govern themselves and have full autonomy within their jurisdiction regarding business, provided they adhere to the Laws of the Land, Federal and State, and keep in due bounds Masonic behavior we are obligated to and believe in.

The Board shall issue the License Agreement to wear our Federal registered, and defended in court, intellectual property, Trademark® of the Widows Sons. The License Agreement holder must be a legal corporation recognized by their government entity, aka, Internal Revenue Service or equivalent if live abroad, a Master Mason in good standing within the jurisdiction of their Grand Lodge and a member of a Widows Sons Rider Association. The process for obtaining permission to wear the Widows Sons Federal Registered Trademark® is simple. Contact us through our website, CLICK HERE. To download Trademark applications click the following links.

For Vendor Application CLICK HERE.

For Member Application CLICK HERE.

Please send completed applications to WS.TRADEMARK@GMAIL.COM

Widows Sons Board of Trustees have and will continue to a belief in the Masonic Fraternity, keeping those who hold Masonry in their hearts as Members in our organization with legal unity, peace, and harmony prevailing. Those who live Freemasonry daily are most welcome. If you have any questions please reach out through our website,, so we may discuss a union of Brotherly love and friendship that will last a lifetime.



Board of Trustees

Widows Sons of Louisiana (Appendant Body)

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